Digi Business Cards

Put your Business directly into your Customer’s Hands

    • Put your business directly into your customer’s hands with Digi Business Cards.

    • Our cards are the standard for digital business cards.

  • Digi Business Cards work on Smartphones, Tablets and computers.

  • NO APP required.



Save contacts seamlessly and automatically into your mobile contact base at the touch of a button


Connect to sales, marketing, social and multimedia links at the touch of a button


Access DigiBusiness Cards 24/7/365 and NEVER be without your DigiBusiness Cards Digital Identity

Go Green!

At Digi Business Cards we are encouraging Enterprises and SME’S to develop and implement CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility policies and practices and mainstream them into their core business operations by offering them an innovative way to “Go Green” with Digi Business Cards


Alan Hennessy

CEO Kompass Media

“Fantastic, I love that I can now text someone my Business card and it’s saved right into their contacts. Normal business cards can get lost but not a Digi Business card. A guarantee that customers will have my contact details forever on their phone.”

Joseph Dalton

Harris Myers Consulting




“We recently invested in a Digital Business card from Digi Business cards and it has been a valuable asset when meeting clients. We now have the ability to send them our business cards directly to their phone and give the option of saving our contact details straight to their phone.  

Our Clients

Here are some of Digi Business Card’s Client’s. Click on an image to view their Business Card or Click the “View More” Button to see some of our other Client’s.


Get in touch.

Dublin Office:

+353 01 52 40 885

Email: sales@digibusiness.cards

UK Office:

+44 121 46 83 335

Email: sales@digibusiness.cards

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